About Us

Vancouver Web Design was started on 2014 by Tom Newhouse. Tom has worked in the webdesign industry for almost 2 decades. He wanted to start a company where the cost of web design was not cost prohibitive to so many small businesses. Starting the business in a home office at his home in Burnaby. Within 6 month he had so much business he moved into a small office in downtown Vancouver and started to hire staff. We have since out grown that small office as we gained so much business offering quality service and affordable prices.

Meet Some of Our Ftaff


Tom Newhouse

I am Tom, owner of Vancouver web design. I have been building websites for small businesses for almost 2 decades. I started Vancouver Web Design in 2014 so that I could bring small business affordable webs solutions.

Head of Marketing

Sofia Tran

After completing my BA in Business Administration with a major in Marketing at Washington State University - Vancouver. I started my career at Vancouver Web Design. I enjoy helping our business grow by growing smaller business online.

Head of Web Design

Alex Weinbaum

With 25 years of web design and software development experience. i made my move to Vancouver Web Design in 2015. I enjoy going to work every day knowing I will be able to make a huge impact to so many business.