How to Document an A/B Split Test for Better Conversions

Getting the most out of your website conversions don’t have to be a shot in the dark. By using A/B or multivariable testing you can let your visitors tell you what they respond better to. I use Google’s Website Optimizer to do my A/B testing for my small business clients and running split tests without documenting what results occurred can lead to a disaster when you try to remember several tests back and base decisions on them.

Get a Process for Documenting Your Split Tests

Josh Baker wrote a detailed post on how he documents the processes and results of split testing with a spreadsheet. He wrote out every step he takes for documenting his split tests. To give those visual readers a better idea of what documenting a split test looks like, I created this mind map for you and with his permission, I’m sharing this for you to create better processes in documenting the results of your split testing

Documenting A/B Testing with Excel

Download the Documenting A/B Testing in Excel Mindmap as a PDF