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How to Embed Instagram Feed on HTML websites?

Embedding social media with websites is one of the most discussed activities in digital marketing today. 

Especially, when it comes to Instagram, which is considered as the most suitable social media network to embed on a website. You’ll find ample ways to embed Instagram feed on your website.

But, in the case of an HTML website, where no such dedicated plugins work, but only the embedding code would, how would you embed Instagram feed on it?

To embed Instagram feed in HTML websites using an Instagram aggregation tool can help the most to get an HTML code.

Though you can embed an Instagram feed on your HTML website with the help of Instagram as well, but not with the liberty to modify and synchronize that feed’s layout according to your website’s user interface.

Different Ways To Embed Instagram Feed on HTML

Let’s get into the very primary method of embedding Instagram into your HTML website i.e., through Instagram itself-

  • Instagram itself offers an option to embed its content on your HTML website.
  • On every single post, you’ll find an option ’embed’ which will give you an HTML code, that needs to be copied and pasted on your HTML website.
  • That’s all.

Undoubtedly, the process is simple, free of cost, and shortest, but how would that be beneficial when it doesn’t offer you any customizable options like curation, moderation, and personalization, unlike an Instagram aggregation tool.

An ideal Instagram aggregation tool, on the other end, not only allows you to embed Instagram feed into your HTML website. But, also offers you multiple customizable options that are market-friendly and helpful for your sales growth.

It can pull out the content from Instagram through hashtags, business accounts, tags, and mentions. Then it can be curated, moderated, and even decorate it to make it look more attractive and website-friendly.

Not only that, but it also allows you to personalize the content and provide precise control over the content like hiding or showing the comments, usernames, etc.

Let’s see how an idea Instagram aggregation tool can help you in embedding Instagram feed into your HTML website:

  • Any Instagram aggregation tool would first ask you to create an account on it.
  • Post creating an account, it will ask you for the hashtags, Instagram handles/usernames, tags, and mentions to create an Instagram feed within it.
  • Once you have a curated Instagram feed ready. You can then moderate it and restrict the undesired content by setting specific rules and make your feed more wanted and appropriate.
  • Along with moderation, you can personalize and manage the layout of the Instagram feed. By choosing any theme, color & size of the font, banner, and background to add or not, and many more such customizable options
  • Personalization also offers an option as ‘Custom CSS’ to make your Instagram feed look even more interactive and like-a-like with your website’s user interface.
  • Once you reach here, you are all set to embed your Instagram feed on your HTML website. It will provide you an HTML code on choosing ‘Embed it on the website’ in the ‘display’ option.
  • That HTML code is for embedding and is just required to be copied and pasted on your website.

So, this is the simple process to embed Instagram feed on HTML website, with various customizable and website-friendly options, that are unachievable with Instagram’s self-embedding option.

Also, there is one more benefit of preferring an Instagram aggregation tool. You can embed the whole feed that is curated as well, in one attempt, whereas, Instagram only allows you to embed a post.

Final words

Social media, digital marketing, eCommerce, and Visual commerce are some of the niche attributes of the e-business today.

Embedding Instagram feed on a website is one of the most preferred and beneficial tactics of digital marketing used across almost every eCommerce website.

Conclusively, using an Instagram aggregation tool to embed Instagram feed into an HTML website is the best option.

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